Tribal Figures – Large – 9 different ones – TL

Sold by: Thuso Design

R265.43 RRP

Nine different large Figures – Herero (4 different colours), Zulu Chief, Zulu Matron, Pedi, Ndebele Matron white, Ndebele chief, Ndebele Matron, Xhosa Matron Xhosa chief

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Here at Gala Star we are passionate about both people as well as Africa. To that end we manufacture unique figures of the highest quality. Each piece set is lovingly manufactured by our talented team of craftsmen and woman¬† and then packaged and sold to adorn the homes and offices of African connoisseurs across the world. This intimate manufacturing process involves hand painting each piece, which is made from high-grade ground stone, to ensure a quality, unique product. More than just an ordinary figure, our sculptures tell the story of Africa; it’s animals, its tribes, its history and its struggles. To own a Gala Star figure set is to own a piece of art, beautifully designed for your pleasure which will make a stunning addition to your collection.


Large Tribal selection – TL

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