Tribal Figures – Bushmen – B001/2/3/4/5/6

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The different Bushmen figures that Gala Star have created, is the following:

B001 – Bushmen Male Standing

B002 – Bushmen Maiden

B003 – Bushmen mother & child

B004 – Bushmen water gatherer

B005 – Bushmen child

B006 – Bushmen hunter

They can also be purchased with 5 Bushmen figures on a base.

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Since the dawn of Africa the aboriginal Bushmen, also known as the San people, have been roaming the wild as peaceful nomads. They now predominantly reside in the harsh, yet beautiful Kalahari Desert.
Despite the desolate landscape making survival extremely difficult, they have perfected hunting and survival in these harsh conditions to the point of an art form. They live completely off the land; hunting, gathering and creating their garments out of animal skins, plants and whatever nature provides.
The women skilfully craft jewellery and clothing to adorn themselves and their children, using natural materials found around them. They painstakingly create beads and straps for their vibrantly coloured necklaces and bracelets.

The Bushmen live together as one big family unit. Their value system is unaffected by Western Influences or any religious beliefs. Believing in the spirit of Ubuntu (the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity) the Bushman share everything with everyone. They care for other children as much as their own.


Tribal Figures – Bushmen – B001/2/3/4/5/6

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