African Maasai – Msako

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Height = 23cm. Msako: Moment of Truth: Silently two morani stalk an unsuspecting prey. The olomayio lion hunt is the ultimate test of Maasai warrior spirit, calling on every ounce of inner strength and courage, for the lion may at any moment hear their approach and charge.

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The process of Cold Cast Bronze is made by mixing bronze powder with a bonding paste and then applying it under pressure to the surface of the piece. This leaves a thin coat of bronze, which gives the piece the look and feel of a real bronze. Unlike most of the cheaper figurines found on the market today, the Zawadi bronzed range is not painted, and as a result will not fade or tarnish. After the Cold Cast process is completed, each piece is then detailed by hand to add emphasis and contrast. There are also no visible mold joins in the Zawadi range items, which one often finds on many other inferior quality figurines.

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